Will Your New EC/Condo be a Peaceful Heaven... or a
Troubled Hell?

Will Your New EC/Condo be a Peaceful Heaven... or a
Troubled Hell?

Your new home can be a source of harmony and unity... or it can result in endless headaches and misunderstanding.

We're CIRCLE 96 (a husband-and-wife team), and we've helped over 1,000 home owners with wildly successful Modern Feng Shui audits.

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As Featured In:

3 Ways Modern Feng Shui Can Help Your Family

Your home affects how both problems and blessings enter your life.

Here's how Modern Feng Shui can help:

mend your

If your spouse has been more distant, or if your children are no longer talking to you, then there's something amiss at home.

Fix your north-east sector, and your loved ones will soon come back to you.

make your health whole

Ailing health? Bad knees?

​Remedy the east sector in your home and you may soon experience a speedy recovery from health problems, even if you've had the pain for years.

magnify your

Has your income become an escalating problem with rising costs?

A simple fix to your home's north-west sector can quickly bring in a windfall of cash flow and lucrative opportunities to your door step.

Here are a few short but highly successful stories 
from very, very happy clients:

"Totally love and appreciate both Master KK and Master Sharon for their patience and dedications.

They always reply whenever we have questions in our new home’s furniture and fittings. Always making sure our new home Feng Shui benefit everyone in the household. Thank you!

Will continue to refer and recommend people to them."

Serena Lee

Financial Advisor

Serena Lee

Serena Lee

Financial Advisor

If you are looking for modern and no-frills Feng Shui directions, Master KK and Sharon are the most apt!

Grateful for the professional, wonderful advice and service rendered.

Looking forward in continuing to engage them for my future home and office.

Highly recommended!

Bryan See Toh


Bryan See Toh

Bryan See Toh


It is a very good experience as they hand-hold you on the various phases. 

The detailed analysis is what I liked best and are correctly interpreted to me.

What we should look out for, and the areas to place the things without any "Feng Shui items" make the whole place more modern and elegant. Their advice really enhanced the situation for me. 

Will engage them again in the future!






Recognition from
The Society Of Interior Designers Of Singapore:

"Immediate effects were improved, like health and digestion.

Next, I was overwhelmed by a sudden increase in business from every possible channel. The rate and amount of business that poured in was almost a bit too much to handle.

You should have warned me that it would be so effective!"

Jeremy Liang

Tennis Coach

"I went for a successful interview and secured a job with Lego.

My stomach is no longer bloated

We even managed to save up some money to bring my father for a holiday in China

Thank you!"

Jennifer Ho

Lego Singapore

Douglas failed 3 subjects in the mid-year examination.

After the Feng Shui consultation, we placed an academic star place at his study table. Next year, Douglas passed PSLE without any additional tuition and was accepted into Express Class with an A in English.

We are very happy and pleased. Thank you.

Douglas Siaw

Pass PSLE and Express

I am David, I own a interior design firm and business turned south big time. I only managed to have an average of 4 new projects a month.

After an on-site audit for my office; we moved some of the planters to another corner and shifted my working table to another cardinal point in the office, and fixed a few light bulbs in a corner etc.

My firm managed to secure new projects the following month after the Fengshui audit. Wow!

Thank you very much.

David Kang

Luxespace Interior

Still Unsure?
Let's answer your questions!
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What if my spouse/family members do not believe in Feng Shui?

Will I need to do major renovations?

Will my house end up looking like a Chinese temple?

How fast can Feng Shui effects take place?

Is Feng Shui related to religion?

Here are 3 bonus Modern Feng Shui "alarms" to watch out for!

  • If there's a school in your East sector of your house... this is likely to cause bad temper in the eldest son. If not fixed, this can lead to health problems for the family members like leg problems and liver issues.
  • If there's a school in your South-East sector of your house... then the daughter may have a very bad temper. She will either be extremely O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), or extremely messy and untidy. The family members have a high chance of experiencing gall bladder issues too.
  • If there's a school in your North-West sector of your house... then money is constantly flowing out of your pockets. The father of this house will end up having a bad temper, and family members are prone to lung problems and migraines.

* You'll also need to be careful if there's a police station or town council nearby, these buildings will affect the relationships, health, and wealth of your family.

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